Southern Sweden Tours

Guided Tours to

Southern Sweden

Sweden is situated very close to Copenhagen and is easily visited by the bridge joining Denmark and Sweden.

The Bridge

The bridge has become known from the TV series ‘The Bridge’. The best view of the bridge is when passing by car. If you go by train, you do not see the spectacular view of the bridge.


Malmö is the largest city in Southern Sweden with many cultural attractions and is Copenhagen's beautiful backyard.

You can:

  • Find other stores than those you know from Copenhagen
  • Visit markets
  • Taste specialities
  • Experience world-class art
  • Explore restaurants with food to make your taste buds dance
  • Have Swedish ‘fika’ (afternoon coffee/tea and cakes)


Lund is a small city north of Malmö known for its cathedral dating back to year 1080. Lund Cathedral contains many well-known artefacts and features of considerable historical interest.

For more information about what to see and do in Southern Sweden, please visit VisitSweden.